Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade review

Hello lovelies! Sorry its been a while, I’ve had trouble with my mobile phones (yep thats plural I’ll explain in a video haha) but today I bring you a beauty review blog! 

So for a while now I’ve been crushing over Anastasia Beverley Hills brow products, seeing the likes of Jaclyn Hill and Manny MUA fangirl over them in their youtube tutorials, particularly the brow pomade which is available to purchase for £15 on Unfortunately I’ve not met my millionaire husband yet so £15 is still a bit of a stretch for me, so I put my dreams of having an ABH pomade to bed. Or so I thought…

I ordered from TAM beauty about 6-7 weeks ago (I have written a blog including swatches of my haul) and ordered a couple of Freedom products, very low in price but very high in pigment but didnt recall seeing any brow products. About 3 weeks ago my local Superdrug store had a cosmetics stand reshuffle and revamp and noticed they have a Freedom stand proudly beaming at the back of the store. Of course I had to have a sneaky peak!

They have a plethora of professional looking products, colour correcting kits, highlighting palettes, setting powders and alas, eyebrow pomades!

There wasnt any testers available as the stand had just been installed and was only about 75% replenished but I spotted the colour “Granite” which is the perfect colour to match my black hair, it retails for £5 but looks expensive.

The pot is glass and feels weighty and luxurious and it also comes in a very high end looking box (pictured above). 

I used the product for the first time on the train to London 2 weeks ago (brave I know haha!) And was honestly taken aback by the quality and pigmentation, from just one dip of the brush into the product I was able to fill in an entire eyebrow and then some, the product is thick and slightly waxy which allows for precise application and I was able to carve out the perfect brow! You barely need any product to look flawless! I apply the product with my Makeup Revolution E104 brush (which, if I recall, retails for around £3). 

Below is a picture of myself with one eyebrow filled in with the pomade, the other natural.

The brow on the left has been filled in with the pomade. 

I am really, really, REALLY impressed with this product and I’ve used it over and over and I have barely made a dent in the product. I honestly do not know I coped without it, I’ve honestly never tried ABH but I dont think I ever will now I have this beauty. 

Only negative is that its very stubborn when you’re trying to remove it, which isnt a bad thing I guess!

10/10 from me!

Stay fabulous!

Abbie Autopsy xo


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