TAM beauty product review

Hello lovelies! Today I have a combined video/blog about TAM beauty, I had a few issues with them but you can see what they were in my youtube video “TAM Beauty haul and review”.

First item I got was the Shade and Light palette by Make Up Revolution, I’ve used it a couple of times now and its meant to be a dupe of Kat Von D’s Shade palette, the colours are exactly the same, but Makeup revolutions palette is priced at £8 which is measly compared to KVD’s £36! As you can tell from the photos I have used it a couple of times, both times to attempt to film a makeup look with but the weather/lighting hasn’t been in my favour! The pigmentation is fabulous and even though the packaging feels to be quite cheap and creaky and lacks a mirror, its a small price to pay for a dupe product! There is also quite a bit of fallout but its so blendable it doesn’t even matter!



Next is the Freedom Makeup Le Fabuleux palette! It has 3 matte shades and 9 pearlescent/shimmer shades, again its so pigmented and the shades are so shimmery, these photos do not do the palettes justice, I feel if the weather had been better I could have gotten better shots! The copper shade in the middle is incredible and I cannot wait to do autumnal looks with it! I believe this palette was either £4 or £6 and again I recommend it!



Last palette is the Rock and Roll Queen palette, this one is more versatile, as it has the standard muted colours you could wear to work/school, and also the fun vibrant colours for experimenting with looks! Again fabulous pigmentation although the blue and green shades are a bit more patchy and harder to work with. There is a mixture of matte and shimmer shades and it was reduced to £4, I’m looking forward to playing with this one, I originally bought it for the green shades!




Next up are the single shimmer eye shadows by Freedom makeup, the first was a green/gold colour which I absolutely LOVE, followed by a duo chrome green/brown colour, which if I’m honest I probably wont wear as much as its very similar to Pigeon by Lime Crime and LC is much more intense for less product, although at £1 each, these singles are an absolute steal! I love the silvery shade too as its a very different silver to what you would usually find.


Last, and CERTAINLY not least- lets take a moment….  A FOUNDATION THAT IS LIGHTER THAN MY SKIN TONE! It is shade 1 of The One foundation by Makeup Revolution, its pretty much bang on white and it is perfect for lightening foundations and concealers that are too dark for your skin, it is quite watery and does need a very good shake and it is light coverage but definitely buildable, I mixed it with my foundation and it made such a difference to the colour but obviously it made me look more dewy which is something I try to avoid if possible, but that’s why powder was invented!


So that’s all from my TAM beauty haul please check out my youtube video- https://youtu.be/yDjnFKf3ij8 where I unbox it all and tell you my TAM beauty dilemma and check out my other uploads 🙂

Stay fabulous!

Abbie Autopsy xo



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