My favourite cruelty free (and vegan) make up brands!



I have been vegetarian a whole year now and about 5 months ago I ditched all of the make up I used which isn’t tested on animals. Currently in Europe its illegal to test on animals but in China its perfectly legal and any ingredient in a make up item MUST be tested on an animal by law, and as China is one of the most populated countries on this planet (over 1 Billion people live there and the cosmetics industry brings in $20Billion annually) it is obviously a chance for many make up companies to increase their sales and so many companies do trade in China, which mean they support animal testing and are putting their profits before the health and safety of poor, innocent animals. Cunts.

While I’m not fully living the vegan lifestyle at the moment, I’m slowly making changes, (so things like eating gelatin free sweets etc) and do try to buy product that are vegan as well as cruelty free.

The easiest ways to work out if a company is CF or not is to find out if they trade within China and also see if the product bears the Leaping Bunny logo (BUAV approved), but here is a list of brands I buy from that are cruelty free…

  • Jeffree Star cosmetics- liquid lipsticks, lip scrubs, soon also selling highlighters and eyeshadow palettes (Vegan)
  • Lime Crime- liquid lipsticks, eye liners, lip gloss, lipsticks, eye shadows, glitter and also a new product that they are teasing! (Vegan)
  • B. Beauty (superdrug brand)- Literally everything make up wise, they also sell cleansers, make up brush cleaners (which is fucking amazing btw) (vegan)
  • Sleek make up- again literally everything, I’m a massive fan of their eyeshadow palettes and highlighters!
  • Barry M- I’ve used these for years now! I love their nail varnishes and dazzle dust, I also like their Chisel cheeks contour palette! They also sell everything.
  • MUA (superdrug brand)- I didn’t realise they were cruelty free but I am glad they are! Super affordable and good quality! They sell everything.
  • Make up revolution (also in Superdrug)- I used their Neutrals vs Newtrals eyeshadow palette in a tutorial 2 months ago and I use it literally everyday! They too sell everything make up related.
  • New look cosmetics (available in New Look stores)- There isn’t loads but they sell everything like foundation, lip liners, mascara, liquid lipsticks etc, very affordable.
  • Soap and Glory- make up and body lotions, scrubs etc (vegan)
  • Seventeen (Boots)- their Falsifeye HD mascara is fucking incredible! I get asked a lot if I have eyelash extensions and the answer is no I don’t its this mascara! They sell everything.
  • Illamasqua- their foundations are light enough for me! YAYYYY!!
  • Marks and Spencers own brand- Fuck yes their foundation is awesome!


Brands I used to buy from but now wont because they test

  • Benefit- shame really, Hoola is great for contouring for pale girls like me!
  • L’Oreal
  • Maybelline- good job really, Dream Matte Mousse= ultimate cake face
  • Rimmel
  • Bourjois- my year 11 clumpy eyelash days were literally sponsored by Volume Clubbing Mascara
  • Clinique
  • MAC
  • Estee Lauder
  • Bobbi Brown
  • YSL
  • Max Factor
  • Avon (I actually used to sell Avon years ago! Shame on me!)
  • Revlon

I don’t sit here and judge people if they use companies that DO test on animals, but I feel that by supporting CF companies myself I can happily apply my make up everyday knowing that a poor animal was not harmed in the making of the product.


Stay fabulous,

Abbie Autopsy xo


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