Cocos adoption story



As promised in my latest Youtube video (yep, I make videos, too!) I have written Cocos adoption story as a blog, I’m going to try and accompany all of my future videos with a written blog so everyone can have access to both 😀

You can view my latest video here-

So, it all started in March/April 2013, I was incredibly lonely, agoraphobic and depressed and I was desperate for a friend, I was hurting in more ways than one and felt that getting myself a little dog would benefit me, encouraging me to leave the house and give me a sense of responsibility after losing all of my friends, jobs, career etc, at first I put a ÂŁ75 deposit down on a female Chihuahua X puppy in my town, I met her, cuddled her and gave her the name “Coco”, she was only 6 weeks so we had to wait 2 weeks to collect her, which gave us a chance to prepare for her to come home. However, this “Coco” just didn’t feel right, I stewed over for a few days and finally decided against her, I lost my deposit but that felt better than taking on a dog that I didn’t feel a bond with.

We researched Chihuahua puppies and rescue centres that had Chihuahuas available, and that’s when we came across Jane who owns and runs a Chihuahua rescue centre in Telford, we rang her and she told us she had a tiny Chi called Hendrix, he had one eye and wasn’t intact (his testicles hadn’t formed properly meaning he couldn’t breed- not that this would have been an issue, we had no intentions of breeding at all) and a white Chi called Boo, who was very nervous but as we’d fostered 30+ dogs previously so we were very experienced in anxious doggies!

She also said she had a young bitch called Seran who was on a diet as she was overweight, my parents drove to Telford the next weekend to collect “Boo” for me (I was far too unwell to withstand a 5-6 hour round car journey) when they entered the kennels they were introduced to “Boo” and my parents fell in love with him instantly, Jane then asked if they wanted to meet the bitch they’d spoke about on the phone before opening the door and letting out a energetic floof called Seran!

My parents knew that Seran would be perfect for me, she was a 7 month old long haired Chihuahua who loved cuddles and being pampered- literally my ideal dog! Trouble is, by now they had fallen in love with Seran and Boo- off my Dad went to the cashpoint to get another adoption fee! I was shocked when they had arrived home with a dog in arms and a dog in crate! Boo is now called Yoda and Seran is now Coco!

I fell in love with Coco instantly, she smelt horrendous and went straight in the bath! I had bought an expensive dog bed that day so she was comfortable when she slept, still to this day 3 years on, she is yet to sleep in that bed, she much prefers to be in my bed cuddled up to me! Such a mummys girl!

I strongly advise looking around rescue centres for a suitable dog before buying a puppy, everyone deserves a second chance, even animals!


Stay fabulous! xo



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