Body Positivity

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Well, I must start off with saying a huge thank you to everyone who messaged me about my last blog post, it was by far my most successful yet, it had 150 views in 24 hours and my first post was posted back in February and its still waaay under that!

Anyway, following on from that, I thought that now I am back in the modelling game I would write a little blog on body positivity!

I had my first photoshoot post Westons Top Model in December 2015 and I was ever so nervous, not because of the actual shoot, but how my body looked, for about a week beforehand I chopped and changed outfits “would this make me look fat?” “I cant wear that, it will flatten my pancake tits”, and it wasn’t until after the shoot a couple of days later when I started getting comments on how beautiful I looked that I realised how fucking stupid I sound.

I’m a size 8-10, 5 foot 8 woman with a 32B bust, I call myself “skinnyfat”, meaning that I know I am small, but my legs and ass wobble when I walk and when I bend over I get rolls in my tummy. But doesn’t every woman?

I now also model in lingerie and art nude, something I wouldn’t have done a couple of years back when I was a size 10 and drinking Slim Fast because I thought I was hellishly obese (…tsk!!)

One of the biggest mistakes I made back then was buying and reading womens mags such as Closer and Heat, where they brand size 10 celebrities as “fat” because she has cellulite (which is totally natural) or labelling someone “unattractive” because dare they run to the shops without any make-up on, Christ alive!

People will think that because I model in my bra and pants and nude and get compliments from people, (especially men) that it makes me slutty, however I would rather be in a Lads mag being celebrated for being curvy than be in a womans mag being slated because I had folds in my stomach when I bent over.

Our bodies go through so much with us, those nights out where you drink so much you are on the verge of alcohol poisoning, to being pounded with chronic illnesses, to break-ups and fad diets, yet as you read this, you are still living, you’re still breathing. Our bodies are the most precious things we will ever possess yet it seems its some peoples task in life to criticize other peoples bodies.

What do we honestly get out of calling someone who is a size 20 fat? What do we get out of calling someone ugly because they have freckles? Does it make you feel better degrading someone else? Can someone sleep at night knowing that their hurtful comment may have pushed someone so much that the victim is considering ending their life?

I love my body, I may not like the way it looks, I want a breast enlargement, a bigger bum, lip fillers, a smaller waist etc but its survived through years of chronic illness and I’m still standing, and you cant get much better than that!

We should always focus on the things that we love about ourselves and emphasize them, and not amplify our insecurities- or anyone elses for that matter.

If you hate something about yourself try and make some small changes to improve your feelings towards it, don’t like your feet? Get a pedicure? Don’t like your face? Get a new hairstyle to frame it better, we must learn to love ourselves and not put ourselves (and others down)

Abbie Autopsy xo


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