Self Care- Looking after number one

I’ve not been feeling my usual happy, snappy self recently, I’m tired, I miss my friends and I just generally feel like I’m a shit person. However I am aware that I’m not a shit person, I have my moments but I’m only human and my hearts in the right place.

For so many years I have punished myself when I have felt like this but recently I have come to realise that self punishment doesn’t get me anywhere, in fact it makes me feel even worse, so I decided to reverse it and go for the whole positive reinforcement instead!

Talking to friends can make you feel loads better, however you can feel as if you are burdening them sometimes, not only that, but its important to appreciate your own company and not live in your friends pockets all the time.

Now it can be the smallest thing or biggest thing, but whatever it is must turn that frown upside down!

Here is a list of things that you can do to make yourself feel better…

  1. Get some fresh air
  2. Go shopping
  3. If you cant afford to go shopping, go and try on some clothes you like
  4. Go to your local coffee shop/pub
  5. Make conversation with a stranger, be it the barista or someone sat at the bus stop.
  6. Watch a funny youtube video
  7. Walk your dog
  8. Go to your local park
  9. Go on a photo trail
  10. Visit a place in your town that you’ve never been to before.
  11. Try a new food
  12. Go to the cinema or have a film night
  13. Have a long hot bath/shower
  14. Get your haircut
  15. Get a tattoo (this may be my favourite 😉 )
  16. Write a letter to your friend or family member and tell them the best things about them.
  17. Decorate your space
  18. Paint or draw a picture
  19. Do a good deed for someone
  20. Donate to charity.
  21. Listen to music
  22. Sing out loud to your favourite song
  23. Play the Xbox/PlayStation
  24. Pay someone a compliment
  25. Do some gardening
  26. Do some cooking
  27. Plan your ideal holiday
  28. Do that task you’ve been putting off forever
  29. Sort through your old clothes and take them to a charity shop
  30. Do something outside of your comfort zone.

These are only a few, but there are many more! Remember to look after number one and give yourself the credit you deserve, you’ve survived 100% of your bad days so far and the best thing about bad days is that they only last 24 hours!

Life is a big bag of dicks sometimes and it likes to throw you the odd curveball now and again to try and throw you off of your path, the bad days we have only makes us appreciate the good days even more.

Stay fabulous!

Abbie Autopsy xo20151011_170132.jpg


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