Real Techniques Brush cleansing palette and B. makeup brush cleaner review

I do love Superdrug, I really do. Their own range of beauty products carry the BUAV leaping bunny symbol meaning that they do not support animal testing and their products are very affordable and don’t upset my sensitive skin at all.

Yesterday I bought a Real Techniques Brush cleansing palette (£12.99 rrp but Superdrug currently have an offer on Real Techniques sets, buy one get the second half price) and B. Makeup Artist’s Edit Brush Cleanser & Muslin Cloth set (£10 for 250ml), if there’s one thing Abbie is particularly sloppy at, it’s cleaning Abbie’s makeup brushes!

I have tried cleaning my brushes before, using Baby Shampoo and my fingers and always found that the brushes were still rather dirty once they were dry so when I clapped my eyes on the cleansing palette the day before I decided that I would go home and watch youtube reviews first to see if it was worth the money (I’m extremely frugal when it comes to money so I always make sure it does the job intended before I had over the paper stuff!) and couldn’t really find any, so thought I would buy it anyway and give it a whirl, I wash my hair every 2 days to prevent product build up so I should at least try and wash my brushes weekly.

This evening after much procrastination I went ahead with the task at hand and cleaned all 32 of my make up brushes (I will most probably write a blog on my favourite brushes in the future).


The palette is made of pink silicone and has a strap that allows your hand to slide in and give you more stability, which I am glad about because when I picked it up originally it literally looked like a rigid plastic dish, but knowing that its flexible and moulds into your hand means that you are able to control it and get the maximum results out of it.

Its base is split into 3 and each section has different sized and shaped treads, the biggest treads are for the bigger powder brushes, medium sized treads are for the medium sized brushes etc etc, you are given 2 sachets of Real Techniques Brush Cleansing gel with the palette, one of which I did use, it smells very perfumed and the gel didn’t lather up very well, but once I began to scrub the brushes in the palette you could see the difference in colour of the water, I decided to use the B. Brush cleanser instead, one of its main ingredients is alcohol and it smells like the hand gel you get in hospitals but it was a lot better at cleaning the brushes and removing stains, I feel a lot better about using the B. cleanser as it states it has anti-bacterial properties, and it certainly smells and looks as if it has done the job intended. It is pricey but you only need 2 sprays per brush.

The treads are fantastic at scrubbing the brushes, though I found the middle section to be most effective, its treads are star shaped and pointy and were especially good at removing stubborn liquid foundation, as the palette is silicone its also very gentle and it didn’t damage my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge at all and its now orange again!

You get a muslin cloth included with the B. Cleansing spray, I didn’t know what a muslin cloth was, I was expecting it to be thick and fluffy, it was the opposite, thin and flimsy and what you’d expect a 90 year-old to use as their snot rag, it certainly wasn’t good at drying the brushes, but you can just use a towel and make sure you reshape your brushes as they are drying.

All in all, the palette was a fantastic purchase, my brushes look as good as new, whereas the Real Techniques cleansing gel isn’t amazing, its not awful but I wouldn’t buy the gel, whereas the B. Cleanser is incredible and glad I bought it!

Stay Fabulous,

Abbie Autopsy xo


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