What is the perfect body?

My phone buzzed with yet another POF message this morning, as it has done periodically for the past 6 months, would it be the guy of my dreams? or would it be a guy who lives some distance away and incompatible for a relationship? Surprisingly neither. This is what I received this morning.

I was taken aback, why would a person, a 25 year old man at that, go out of his way to make a rude comment, especially on a dating site. I thought about it for a while, it’s not his fault, its society’s fault.

Pick up any lads mag and every woman has a sizeable set of breasts, a C cup at least, 2 sizes bigger than my A cups. Society is telling men that only women with big, voluptuous bouncing breasts are what the ideal woman has.

I am not saying bigger breasted women are any different to their smaller breasted counterparts, well apart from the fact they have a lot more breast tissue, and I’m certainly not saying Women are better than Men (although we should be treated as equals) but people need to realise that we shouldn’t be pointing out the flaws in each other, but instead be building each other up, its a tough, tough world out there and we shouldn’t be shooting each other down with shitty remarks, it doesn’t say much about the person its aimed at but it sure does speak volumes about the person who said it.

I actually rather like Lads magazines, I love the way they celebrate a woman for her body, then you have weekly female magazines pointing out a perfectly slim celebrity’s perfectly normal cellulite and calling her fat because she has ass dimples. I am aiming to be a model and would rather be featured in a Lads mag than in a magazine that tells its readers I look hanging without make up on (which I do btw).

We focus far to much on what we look like nowadays to the point people will spend thousands and thousands getting this nipped, that tucked, the other thing enlarged and everything else sucked out, following the cabbage soup diet and taking supplements to suppress your appetite, skipping meals etc, but we should ask ourselves, are we really doing it for ourselves, or are we doing it for the “OMG you’ve lost so much weight, you look good”.

My perfect body is the one that functions without pain, discomfort or illness, the body that allows me to function in my everyday life, getting me from point A to point B, a happy, healthy and practical body.

Don’t let the bastards drag you down!

Stay fabulous!

Abbie Autopsy xo





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