Semi Permanent Make Up experience and review


Hello all!

As maybe a couple of you know, I had semi permanent make up done recently.

My first session I had my eyebrows and lip line/blush done and for my top up I had my brows, lipline/blush AND top eyeliner done.

First session

I was very nervous, I had my first session on 11th December 2015 and despite having nearly 70 hours worth of tattoo work already I was nervous and apprehensive to have a tattoo machine etch my face! I turned up at 13.45, 15 minutes prior to my appointment and the technician came over and explained what the procedure would entail and gave me some forms to read and sign.

The forms clearly explain that the results would appear a lot darker after the procedure but the colour would fade by around 40% once healed but colour can be topped up at a later date when the SPMU technician is satisfied that the client has fully healed from the initial session. The forms also require you disclose any medical information that is relevant to the procedure, such as “have you ever had or are you planning on getting Botox?”.

It is also outlined that results were not guaranteed, this statement requires a signature after you read and understood it.

Once I completed the forms and decided on colours with the technician she applied a topical anaesthetic to my eyebrows and she explained that midway through my eyebrow procedure I would also have the anaesthetic applied to my lips to prevent any discomfort.

Then it was on to the procedure! There was a fair bit of waiting around but you need a good 20-30 minutes to allow the anaesthetic to work its magic but like everyone else I own a smartphone so I had a flick through Facebook and Instagram to pass the time! Before you lie down the technician will draw on your face and map out the shape of the desired eyebrows and take a before photo, then its down to business! Its a very weird feeling having cosmetic tattoos done, it doesn’t hurt, its more like a tickle, and the tattoo machine is so much more quieter! After a regular tattoo my ears will ring for hours after!

It was over in 3 passes (or layers) and in between layers more numbing gel was applied to my brows to make sure they didn’t become too irritated. I was very impressed with the outcome and couldn’t wait to see them healed!

The lips were slightly more sensitive but again not painful at all, they took a lot less time than the eyebrows and again it took 2 or 3 passes.

I had a photoshoot 2 days later and my eyebrows looked amazing! My lips however were very scabby and is very evident in some of the images we captured but most of the images were fine and you couldn’t make out any of the scabs. You are given a Vitamin A & D ointment to apply twice daily to the tattooed areas to keep them moist and aid healing.

Top up session (5 weeks later)

This time I decided I would also have my top eyeliner done to emphasize my lashes, I’m rather lucky to have naturally long eyelashes already but I wanted them to appear more fuller. This time I was very anxious for the session, I was very unwell around the time of the session and was very tense, the technician could sense that I was rather distressed but I decided to push on through it and she told me to relax a few times but it was very difficult, luckily the technician is a very good friend of mine so was very forthcoming and understanding however she did tell me at the end that the result wasn’t quite the one I had envisioned as I didn’t sit as well in this session.

As per my first session I had exactly the same procedure done on my eyebrows and lips, but with darker colours only this time I decided to have top eyeliner too, for this procedure a thick, gloopy but harmless eyedrop is dispensed into your eye for protection and you are required to have your eye shut the whole time (you have a needle dancing along the top of your eyelashes so its to be expected), I found the prospect of this quite daunting so pussied out of having a much thicker line, instead I have enhanced lashes!

I was very disappointed in myself for not sitting well last session, the results are definitely darker than last time, but still no where near what I was expecting. It is no ones fault but mine, the technician is very skilled and has done some amazing clients and I am in no way faulting her work at all.

Would you have SPMU done again?

Possibly, but maybe when there is another offer on (I had mine done during a period where each treatment was at a discounted rate of £80 per treatment and it will go up to £200 per treatment as of tomorrow). At the moment I am focusing on finishing my second tattoo sleeve, and besides I cant have another top up for a while now anyway so it gives me time to think.

Does it take long?

It took around 2 hours to have my brows, lips and eyeliner done, including form filling etc, it goes by very quick though.

Does it hurt?

No. You have a numbing cream applied so its a tingly tickle that feels slightly hot, it actually hurts less than having your eyebrows waxed! It doesn’t feel like a standard tattoo at all.

How long does it last?

About 1-3 years, dependant on the person, whether they use SPF etc etc.

Is it cost effective?

If you spend £10 a month on eyebrow products like myself then yes as you would be saving yourself £120 and about 15 minutes every morning- YES FOR LIE INS!!

Would you recommend it to others?

Fuck yes I would, but go to Lizzy Moore at Next Level because she is awesome!

Before my top up session


After top up session.

Stay fabulous!

Abbie Autopsy xo



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